London Carpenters

Here at Church Signs Depot we regularly make church signs but as you know by now, we also focus on carpentry as a skill. Our day to day business is carpentry and joinery, and one of the things we wanted to discuss is the carpentry industry in London. We have a carpentry and joinery sister company in South London called South London Carpenters, and Jack Harvey from there has written this post so we just want to give him a shout out. The carpenters and joiner’s industry within the London area is still growing for many reasons, and the industry is thriving more than you might have thought.

Since London is one of the biggest growing cities in the world in terms of the amount of people entering the city year to year as well as in terms of immigration, it is only normal that home services and home improvement services are constantly needed. One of the services that are often requested by home owners in London is for the dismantling and reassembly of previous items within the homes. When families move, they have usually already hired the services of another carpenter to make custom made furniture or appliances that they want to take to their new home, but they need a professional carpenter to dismantle the furniture for moving. This will make it easier for the customers to deliver the furniture to their next home without damages.

Other popular London carpentry services


Another popular service in the London area is the creation of custom made furniture to begin with. Often with different cultures, they want their furniture to be made to make both their culture and the customers past too. Customers want furniture that reminds them of their home and they will often have specific demands with what they would like to see on their custom furniture. This can be anything from specific lighting and colours to a specific design or detail on the furniture itself. This is a very common service that all carpenters provide in South London, giving the carpenters and joiners in the area more experience with the decorating of furniture.

Often within the South London area specifically, carpenters are also asked to either complete by themselves or take part in a loft conversion process. Because they are requested more in London than anywhere else in the country, the loft boards that need to be created make a large difference and often demand is higher than supply. Carpenters can also be used to create the foundations and any custom-made furniture for their loft conversion itself. These are becoming more and more popular in the London area due to the rising prices of furniture and another homeware. Since the average premade furniture is only becoming more expensive day to day, it makes sense to have something more personal and connecting with you for a price not that much higher.

Since we work closely with South London Carpenters, we wanted to talk a bit about some of the necessities in the London area, especially since we often work with them on some of their jobs and use their help at times too.

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Church Signs

At Church Signs Depot we understand that many of you may already be confused that we also work as a carpentry company. So, we thought that we would go back to basics and discuss the way we actually store the church signs, because as you can imagine there are a lot! Most people seem to think that we have a garden at the back where we plant all of the signs just waiting for them to be used by churches. Instead we have a very sophisticated storage and inventory management system that we use to ensure that all of our signs are safely stored, while also making it very easy to deliver other signs on a short-term notice.

We actually have a warehouse separate to the shop front that we use to house all of our pre-made and non-customized signs. We have listed and stored all of our signs for the churches in the warehouse at the back, and the ware house as you can imagine is huge. Since there are so many churches out there by name and location, and so many things that they want their signs to say, you can imagine how confusing it will get.

Church Sign Storage


That is why we have separated the signs first by locations. We have an A-Z of every location around the world that we have previously shipped to such as towns and cities within the United Kingdom and the United States. This means that we will only really have to store 2 or 3 signs at any one time in those locations, since we already know what they would like to use or what signs they feel would be best for them. Since we have already worked with these churches we know that signs they would like to order from us again, and this makes it as easy and efficient as possible to deliver those signs to them. We also have a section for church signs that are named or have information that isn’t as generic. This is because we would lose them if we were to add them into a location without knowing who would want them if anyone.

Finally, as you can probably guess we do not store the plywood or sticks with the signs. We actually attach the signs to fresh wooden materials once an order has been placed, otherwise we would be paying for extra storage space and taking up more space when we wouldn’t need to be. This is a much more efficient system, and in short you can call it a Just-In-Time system because there is no need to fill up more space and spend more.

Finally, with custom made signs we obviously make it when the order comes through, meaning that we cannot store the more unique signs. We make this in store along with the plywood that will be attached. This makes sure that we do not waste materials needlessly, which is important in today’s environmental climate.

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Carpentry and the Manger

Here at Church Signs Depot, we have spoken a lot about the industry as a whole and some of the jobs that we have been asked to do in the past. Even though yesterday I spoke about the 3 foot Jesus that I was requested to build, there is a similar story that I have, but instead of the story being about just Jesus, it was about the birth of Christ. I’m sure everyone knows the story about how Mary gave birth in the Manger, and the three wise kings, etc. But the reason why I am bringing it up is because I was asked by a very religious community which I would prefer not to name, to build a Manger for them. Not just any manger, but they asked for what was basically a large wooden model of what could have been a townhouse they wanted us to add so much to it. By the end of it, it went from the manger to what is basically the book of genesis. Remember, we are just a carpentry company, and we really can’t work miracles.

We were requested by a very large and known religious group to create what was first just a simple Manger, to show the night of Christ’s birth. We had originally worked with this group to create signs for them and other religious idols, so when they asked us to do this for them we were relatively okay with it. We built the first of these mangers within a few months, and went to the effort to hand paint them ourselves and create the clothing for the figures ourselves. It was a relatively small job and it didn’t require much resources or work to be placed onto it.

The Demands


What was the difficult part being the demands that came back to us when we first delivered the Manger. When they received the Manger, they thought that it was too small altogether, and that it should have been a bit bigger. We didn’t see that to be much of a problem, since we only really had to work on it to make it larger. We made the manger itself a bit larger as opposed to making the figurines that were inside the manger larger. We thought that it actually looked quite well and altogether it worked out quite well for us.

But finally, once we sent the second model back the demands became a lot larger and to be frank, a lot more ridiculous. What was originally meant to be the night of Jesus’ birth turned into a woodwork model of many different stories within the bible. We were asked to create a section for Noah and his ark, showing many of the animals that boarded the ark. We were then asked to create a mountaintop and a small Cain and Able. These demands then became more and more, and we decided that it was both ridiculous and a waste of our times.

We never actually finished the models and we were paid for the Manger that we originally built. Sadly, there isn’t a whole lot that you can do once a group has already made up their minds, but there wasn’t much point spending more time and money that we couldn’t afford on it.

Church Signs Depot and the three foot Jesus!

The strange thing that we have found here at Church Signs Depot are just the amount of church signs that we are asked to do. We are a carpentry and joinery company before anything else, and we have managed to carve out a niche in the church signs industry. It is not even an industry you would expect to be at all lucrative, but it really has become a main service for us to provide. Often, we are asked to create church signs for churches in every country but there have been a few that as a carpentry company we are not so proud of making. We don’t want to talk about those signs because really, this is not a place to harbour any ill will or to judge anyone. But there have been some signs that are at best, regrettable to have made.

What I will say however is that I am also very proud of some of the more creative carpentry services that we have provided. We understand that a lot of people in the world are incredibly religious, and we have been asked to carve out some wonderful custom made religious artefacts. Maybe not artefacts since I wouldn’t exactly class carpentry work made before the 1000’s as artefacts, but I think you know what I mean.

3 Foot Jesus for a Church


We were once asked to create and crave out the design of a 3 foot Jesus on a cross. This is a job that actually took a few months to complete because of the sheer size and dimensions that went into making sure every detail was perfect.

As you can imagine, we had to find two very large blocks of untouched, virgin wood and one medium sized and thick block of wood in order for us to accurately and delicately carve out the religious figure. From what I understand this figure that I created was to be inserted onto the base of a church, in order to show the virtues and values of Christ himself. The church was very adamant on how they wanted the figure to look like, ensuring that the figure was also made from natural resources that are found in their part of the world.

Since we are also a Joinery as well as a carpenter, we were able to make this vision that the church had come to life. Luckily, they were based in the United Kingdom so it wasn’t very difficult for us to transport. What was quite difficult for us as a carpenter was to ensure that the wood itself would be intact and to ensure that it will stay intact over the space for a hundred years or so.

What you may not know about England is that it is very rainy, so the overtime damages that the weather can cause any wood is drastic. So once the design was finished and the figure was carved (which alone took a month), we had to ensure to finish it with a gloss that the church approved of. This alone took an extra few weeks since the back and forth was so infrequent, but in the end the figure was crafted and it turned out to be one of the best carpentry jobs we have ever done.

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Carpentry awareness

Here at Church Signs Depot our main trade is to create and distribute signs for churches all over the world. This is something that we have become very proficient at and as you can expect we have managed to gain a reputation around the world for being both professional and efficient. I like to think that this makes us the first global carpenter! That is obviously as a joke and at the same time is sadly inaccurate but that would be something wonderful! We have actually created all kinds of things and yesterday we spoke about some of the bespoke furniture that we have created around the world but that isn’t the only thing that we are skilled at making.

Signs are actually a carpentry and joinery job. Many may not realise it but carpentry and joinery is the connection and creation of signs around the world. We have created signs of all kinds and all sizes for churches around the world. We have provided our services for churches in Thailand such as the islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Samui and even in Phucket. We have created signs for churches in Greece and Cyprus and Spain and we have even created signs for Wales and Canada. Surprisingly however the signs we have made most at for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Surprisingly we have met a lot of carpenters and joiners in the United Kingdom and many of them do really great jobs and create many great things. It is a shame that many people do not utilise the services and skills that carpenters and joiners actually have. This is something that I think is a great shame because carpentry as a professional trade is becoming increasingly looked over and underused. That is why we want to gather awareness for carpentry.

Signs are also carpentry!


Nearly everything in the world is created by a carpenter of some sort if it is wood. Even though they may not call themselves a carpenter or use that as a description for themselves, the truth is if you work with wood on a consistent and regular basis then the truth is you are a carpenter of some kind. I have created all types of things that even I am surprised I had the ability and opportunity to create such as kitchen desks and cabinets. I have even created TV stands in a world where the majority of TV stands are in stainless steel and surrounded by glass panels and plates. It is a nice and enjoyable trade.

There are some really talented Carpenters in the United States too. You wouldn’t think twice as to who creates signs for churches because it seems like such a relatively small and some may even say pointless job and in a way, it is. A lot of church signs are regularly replaced since they usually just want to announce a certain day or event of the year and get rid of them once the day is gone. But we create new signs every day for customers and churches every day and it’s a more lucrative and busy job than you would think.

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Church Signs Depot Carpentry

Here at Church Signs Depot, we have made signs for churches all over the world from the United States to the United Kingdom. We are actually a carpenter by trade but we are often confused as just sign makers which is only a small part of what we actually do. But carpentry and joinery is actually both a rewarding career and job but also a very enjoyable hobby for those who are both willing and wanting to learn. Carpentry and Joinery are also both things that many people do not realise they do as a hobby! Building sheds, converting lofts or even just making a door frame or table is actually carpentry and joinery due to the basic concept of it all.

Some of the things we are very proud to have created in the past is actually furniture. Like I said, we have often created church signs because as is obvious churches are often in need of signs, and usually we are given messages to create in them too. But with furniture we can actually and very enjoyably create and design them ourselves. It is actually a really fun trade to know because you can practically create a house with of furniture for yourself using any designs and materials that you would like!

We have created so many different furniture like sofas and beds using really grand designs. One of my favourite sofas that I have created myself since starting my company is actually a L shaped black leather sofa using details that are close to me. It meant that I had complete control over the features that my sofa had. The sofa itself looked amazing but it actually wasn’t as comfortable as I could have had. You can use really expensive materials such as velvet or cashmere which would put you to sleep if you were to lay on it for a few hours! I have used really expensive and luxurious materials when I made my custom bed however! I used really expensive oak for the frame of the bed while also making sure that I set the bed to be as structurally sound as possible. Then I created cashmere sheets and bed sheets to lay in which is as dreamy as it sounds! I then also used material to cover the wood around the framing and it looks spectacular! It was definitely one of my favourite and better ideas for a custom-built furniture.

I have created furniture like this for so many customers and it is definitely the most rewarding of my services to me. I find it both really relaxing to create this kind of furniture (especially if it is for a family’s children) and really fun during the construction process. But it is also very experience when you consider the potential materials that will be used as well as the size of the needed furniture. But it has also given me the skills to be able to create this kind of furniture for my kids, my wife and even myself. Please take a look at tomorrows blog post as well! It is to raise awareness!

Construction tools in the form of house on wooden background. construction tools: pliers, hammer, pruner, screws, putty knife and ruler.