London Carpenters

Here at Church Signs Depot we regularly make church signs but as you know by now, we also focus on carpentry as a skill. Our day to day business is carpentry and joinery, and one of the things we wanted to discuss is the carpentry industry in London. We have a carpentry and joinery sister company in South London called South London Carpenters, and Jack Harvey from there has written this post so we just want to give him a shout out. The carpenters and joiner’s industry within the London area is still growing for many reasons, and the industry is thriving more than you might have thought.

Since London is one of the biggest growing cities in the world in terms of the amount of people entering the city year to year as well as in terms of immigration, it is only normal that home services and home improvement services are constantly needed. One of the services that are often requested by home owners in London is for the dismantling and reassembly of previous items within the homes. When families move, they have usually already hired the services of another carpenter to make custom made furniture or appliances that they want to take to their new home, but they need a professional carpenter to dismantle the furniture for moving. This will make it easier for the customers to deliver the furniture to their next home without damages.

Other popular London carpentry services


Another popular service in the London area is the creation of custom made furniture to begin with. Often with different cultures, they want their furniture to be made to make both their culture and the customers past too. Customers want furniture that reminds them of their home and they will often have specific demands with what they would like to see on their custom furniture. This can be anything from specific lighting and colours to a specific design or detail on the furniture itself. This is a very common service that all carpenters provide in South London, giving the carpenters and joiners in the area more experience with the decorating of furniture.

Often within the South London area specifically, carpenters are also asked to either complete by themselves or take part in a loft conversion process. Because they are requested more in London than anywhere else in the country, the loft boards that need to be created make a large difference and often demand is higher than supply. Carpenters can also be used to create the foundations and any custom-made furniture for their loft conversion itself. These are becoming more and more popular in the London area due to the rising prices of furniture and another homeware. Since the average premade furniture is only becoming more expensive day to day, it makes sense to have something more personal and connecting with you for a price not that much higher.

Since we work closely with South London Carpenters, we wanted to talk a bit about some of the necessities in the London area, especially since we often work with them on some of their jobs and use their help at times too.

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