Church Signs

At Church Signs Depot we understand that many of you may already be confused that we also work as a carpentry company. So, we thought that we would go back to basics and discuss the way we actually store the church signs, because as you can imagine there are a lot! Most people seem to think that we have a garden at the back where we plant all of the signs just waiting for them to be used by churches. Instead we have a very sophisticated storage and inventory management system that we use to ensure that all of our signs are safely stored, while also making it very easy to deliver other signs on a short-term notice.

We actually have a warehouse separate to the shop front that we use to house all of our pre-made and non-customized signs. We have listed and stored all of our signs for the churches in the warehouse at the back, and the ware house as you can imagine is huge. Since there are so many churches out there by name and location, and so many things that they want their signs to say, you can imagine how confusing it will get.

Church Sign Storage


That is why we have separated the signs first by locations. We have an A-Z of every location around the world that we have previously shipped to such as towns and cities within the United Kingdom and the United States. This means that we will only really have to store 2 or 3 signs at any one time in those locations, since we already know what they would like to use or what signs they feel would be best for them. Since we have already worked with these churches we know that signs they would like to order from us again, and this makes it as easy and efficient as possible to deliver those signs to them. We also have a section for church signs that are named or have information that isn’t as generic. This is because we would lose them if we were to add them into a location without knowing who would want them if anyone.

Finally, as you can probably guess we do not store the plywood or sticks with the signs. We actually attach the signs to fresh wooden materials once an order has been placed, otherwise we would be paying for extra storage space and taking up more space when we wouldn’t need to be. This is a much more efficient system, and in short you can call it a Just-In-Time system because there is no need to fill up more space and spend more.

Finally, with custom made signs we obviously make it when the order comes through, meaning that we cannot store the more unique signs. We make this in store along with the plywood that will be attached. This makes sure that we do not waste materials needlessly, which is important in today’s environmental climate.

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