Carpentry and the Manger

Here at Church Signs Depot, we have spoken a lot about the industry as a whole and some of the jobs that we have been asked to do in the past. Even though yesterday I spoke about the 3 foot Jesus that I was requested to build, there is a similar story that I have, but instead of the story being about just Jesus, it was about the birth of Christ. I’m sure everyone knows the story about how Mary gave birth in the Manger, and the three wise kings, etc. But the reason why I am bringing it up is because I was asked by a very religious community which I would prefer not to name, to build a Manger for them. Not just any manger, but they asked for what was basically a large wooden model of what could have been a townhouse they wanted us to add so much to it. By the end of it, it went from the manger to what is basically the book of genesis. Remember, we are just a carpentry company, and we really can’t work miracles.

We were requested by a very large and known religious group to create what was first just a simple Manger, to show the night of Christ’s birth. We had originally worked with this group to create signs for them and other religious idols, so when they asked us to do this for them we were relatively okay with it. We built the first of these mangers within a few months, and went to the effort to hand paint them ourselves and create the clothing for the figures ourselves. It was a relatively small job and it didn’t require much resources or work to be placed onto it.

The Demands


What was the difficult part being the demands that came back to us when we first delivered the Manger. When they received the Manger, they thought that it was too small altogether, and that it should have been a bit bigger. We didn’t see that to be much of a problem, since we only really had to work on it to make it larger. We made the manger itself a bit larger as opposed to making the figurines that were inside the manger larger. We thought that it actually looked quite well and altogether it worked out quite well for us.

But finally, once we sent the second model back the demands became a lot larger and to be frank, a lot more ridiculous. What was originally meant to be the night of Jesus’ birth turned into a woodwork model of many different stories within the bible. We were asked to create a section for Noah and his ark, showing many of the animals that boarded the ark. We were then asked to create a mountaintop and a small Cain and Able. These demands then became more and more, and we decided that it was both ridiculous and a waste of our times.

We never actually finished the models and we were paid for the Manger that we originally built. Sadly, there isn’t a whole lot that you can do once a group has already made up their minds, but there wasn’t much point spending more time and money that we couldn’t afford on it.