Church Signs Depot and the three foot Jesus!

The strange thing that we have found here at Church Signs Depot are just the amount of church signs that we are asked to do. We are a carpentry and joinery company before anything else, and we have managed to carve out a niche in the church signs industry. It is not even an industry you would expect to be at all lucrative, but it really has become a main service for us to provide. Often, we are asked to create church signs for churches in every country but there have been a few that as a carpentry company we are not so proud of making. We don’t want to talk about those signs because really, this is not a place to harbour any ill will or to judge anyone. But there have been some signs that are at best, regrettable to have made.

What I will say however is that I am also very proud of some of the more creative carpentry services that we have provided. We understand that a lot of people in the world are incredibly religious, and we have been asked to carve out some wonderful custom made religious artefacts. Maybe not artefacts since I wouldn’t exactly class carpentry work made before the 1000’s as artefacts, but I think you know what I mean.

3 Foot Jesus for a Church


We were once asked to create and crave out the design of a 3 foot Jesus on a cross. This is a job that actually took a few months to complete because of the sheer size and dimensions that went into making sure every detail was perfect.

As you can imagine, we had to find two very large blocks of untouched, virgin wood and one medium sized and thick block of wood in order for us to accurately and delicately carve out the religious figure. From what I understand this figure that I created was to be inserted onto the base of a church, in order to show the virtues and values of Christ himself. The church was very adamant on how they wanted the figure to look like, ensuring that the figure was also made from natural resources that are found in their part of the world.

Since we are also a Joinery as well as a carpenter, we were able to make this vision that the church had come to life. Luckily, they were based in the United Kingdom so it wasn’t very difficult for us to transport. What was quite difficult for us as a carpenter was to ensure that the wood itself would be intact and to ensure that it will stay intact over the space for a hundred years or so.

What you may not know about England is that it is very rainy, so the overtime damages that the weather can cause any wood is drastic. So once the design was finished and the figure was carved (which alone took a month), we had to ensure to finish it with a gloss that the church approved of. This alone took an extra few weeks since the back and forth was so infrequent, but in the end the figure was crafted and it turned out to be one of the best carpentry jobs we have ever done.

If you enjoyed today’s blog posts or any of the blog posts that I have made in the past, please make sure you stay tuned to the blog! We love telling old stories here at Church Signs Depot and can’t wait to tell you more!