Carpentry awareness

Here at Church Signs Depot our main trade is to create and distribute signs for churches all over the world. This is something that we have become very proficient at and as you can expect we have managed to gain a reputation around the world for being both professional and efficient. I like to think that this makes us the first global carpenter! That is obviously as a joke and at the same time is sadly inaccurate but that would be something wonderful! We have actually created all kinds of things and yesterday we spoke about some of the bespoke furniture that we have created around the world but that isn’t the only thing that we are skilled at making.

Signs are actually a carpentry and joinery job. Many may not realise it but carpentry and joinery is the connection and creation of signs around the world. We have created signs of all kinds and all sizes for churches around the world. We have provided our services for churches in Thailand such as the islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Samui and even in Phucket. We have created signs for churches in Greece and Cyprus and Spain and we have even created signs for Wales and Canada. Surprisingly however the signs we have made most at for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Surprisingly we have met a lot of carpenters and joiners in the United Kingdom and many of them do really great jobs and create many great things. It is a shame that many people do not utilise the services and skills that carpenters and joiners actually have. This is something that I think is a great shame because carpentry as a professional trade is becoming increasingly looked over and underused. That is why we want to gather awareness for carpentry.

Signs are also carpentry!


Nearly everything in the world is created by a carpenter of some sort if it is wood. Even though they may not call themselves a carpenter or use that as a description for themselves, the truth is if you work with wood on a consistent and regular basis then the truth is you are a carpenter of some kind. I have created all types of things that even I am surprised I had the ability and opportunity to create such as kitchen desks and cabinets. I have even created TV stands in a world where the majority of TV stands are in stainless steel and surrounded by glass panels and plates. It is a nice and enjoyable trade.

There are some really talented Carpenters in the United States too. You wouldn’t think twice as to who creates signs for churches because it seems like such a relatively small and some may even say pointless job and in a way, it is. A lot of church signs are regularly replaced since they usually just want to announce a certain day or event of the year and get rid of them once the day is gone. But we create new signs every day for customers and churches every day and it’s a more lucrative and busy job than you would think.

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